Welcome to the Triad's oldest and most experienced training company. Founded in 1993 (formerly known as CyberSkills), The Right Click offers a full spectrum of instructor-led courses on the most popular technologies and business applications designed to suit every skill level.

We specialize in targeted training solutions - each of our courses is designed to meet a specific need and is developed with a specific client in mind. Our team of training consultants, instructional designers, courseware developers, and expert instructors create and deliver training solutions that ensure:

  • participants learn only that which they need to know
  • training time is reduced
  • training is more cost-effective

Successful companies know that investing in the development of their employees is key to maintaining a competitive advantage in today’s economy. Contact us to see how we can help.


"All computer classes are not created equal.
The Right Click stands far above the rest.
The materials provided and the instructors are without a doubt the BEST!"