Our goal is to provide efficient, cost-effective training solutions that help individuals accomplish their work in the most productive way possible.

Targeted Training
Research shows that off-the-shelf training courses just do not work! Participants quickly forget 80% of what they learn in a traditional course because they never need to put it into practice.

We believe that teaching topics in the context of the business process makes the learning much more relevant. That’s why we provide targeted training – teaching only those concepts which need to be learned. By doing so, our training typically takes less time and costs less money.

Expert Trainers
The Right Click uses a network of associate trainers and freelance consultants as a flexible, scalable resource. This enables us to meet the demands of any project quickly, while freeing us from the fixed costs of employing such a large base of training professionals. The skills of these trainers range from standard desktop applications to workplace productivity specialists to website and database developers.

Cost Effective Solutions
Through our unique business model, we are able to keep our own core costs down – a savings that is then passed along to our clients. Unlike many traditional training companies, we’re not constrained by the need to continually fill our own classrooms. We bring our targeted training solutions and expert trainers to you.


" I am not a fan of external training classes our Company has used in the past. However, I must say the two RightClick courses I have taken have been exceptions. The instructor is definitely the best I have ever had and the pace of this class was perfect for me. I will take more RightClick courses as well as my team."

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